Women and What Could Have Been

Today I was forced to grieve the lost potential of women throughout history.

Men have entirely shaped the world that we’ve created for our species — a world we have no choice but to keep living in. Since the birth of societies (with some exceptions), the feminine has been consistently undervalued while the masculine has been consistently overvalued. As a result, things aren’t in equilibrium — they’re imbalanced, as is very obvious by how many Big Male Egos run our world and perpetuate the conflict within it.

It’s not anyone’s “fault” — evolution just did it’s job, and this is what we got. All humans are just the product of their genetics and experiences. But it’s hard not to mourn the loss of a world that could have been, where women were the driving force behind much of our cognitive and social evolution rather than men. It’s a different version of our human story that we’ll never get to experience — something equal wages and representation can never even begin to make up for.

A world so thoroughly shaped and dominated by the masculine needs the masculine to continue functioning in the same way, because that’s how it’s been set up. Feminism really is about changing the world — we literally have to restructure our world to value the feminine more, and that runs deep, even among women. Let’s hope it’s not too late for balance to be restored.

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